INSCRIPTION Slot 6 Sunday, September 19, 2021 from 14:45-16:45

IMPORTANT: convertible cars are excluded from the participation; the cars have to be registered (grey card and insurance).

Slot 1 hour80€
Slot 2 hours160€
2. Driver30€
Membership card10€

yearly membership required to participate in any of our events

By filling in your inscription, you agree to participate and the inscription fees are due!

Payment is possible by transfer BGL BNP PARIBAS - IBAN: LU38 0030 1859 5136 0000 or by DIGICASH: 00352 661 19 06 03.

The entrance fees are due to 25% in case of cancellation after inscription and to 100% in case of cancellation one week before the event. An increase of 25% to the due entrance fees is applicated in case of payment the day of the event.